Warrior II Pose

Build warrior sized stamina and strength with Warrior II Pose!

This posture is named after a figure from Hindu mythology. As the myth is told, a very powerful preist Daksha refused to invite his daughter and her husband to a ritual sacrifice. The daughter Sati then threw herself into a fire after arguing with her father. Sati’s husband Shiva was devastated, he then pounded a lock of his hair into the ground, afterwards a fierce warrior called Virabhadra rose from the dirt.

Although a beginner Level 1 pose, Warrior II is a strong posture that will test your endurance and strength. Benefits of the pose include stengthening the legs and ankles, providing a nice stretch for the shoulders and chest, and also awakening the core. Warrior II will also help to increase flexibility in the hips.

Triangle Pose and Tree Pose can act as good prep poses for Warrior II.

Major Tip: Try not to lean forward in the pose keeping your torso straight, relax your shoulders down your back while keeping your arms level. Remember to protect your knee by keeping it aligned over the ankle. Keep your big toe to the inside of your bent knee, you should be able to view your big toe while holding the pose.

Warrior II Pose offers a variety of benefits, some of which are listed below. Enjoy the pose!

Warrior II Pose Benefits:

Flexes The Hips

Stretches The Shoulders

Opens The Chest

Builds Stamina

Strengthens The Legs