Handstand Pose

Handstand Pose offers a journey full of fun and a test of patience!

Some may argue that Handstand Pose is closer to gymnastics than yoga, but there’s no doubt that much about yoga can prepare you to practice handstands. Make no mistake, handstands are no joke. This pose requires a range of strength, courage, balance and also much caution.

It’s common to see young adults and children jump into handstands as if there’s nothing to it! However, as we get a little older, fear begins to creep into our minds, that along with maybe not being in the best shape can make handstands quite the challenge.

Although difficult, Handstand Pose does offer significant benefits including strengthening the arms, shoulders and wrists. The pose also decompresses the spine and reverses blood flow as an inversion. Handstands also naturally offer a great feeling of accomplishment and confidence.

Plank Pose, Crow Pose and Mountain Pose act as good prep postures for Handstand Pose.

Major Tips: Try to overcome the fear of falling, perhaps by practicing with a friend to spot you. You can also practice using the wall as a prop, but be careful not to become dependent on the wall for too long. Take great caution and be very aware of any pain in the neck area. Don’t jump into the pose, build the core strength needed to gently lift into the pose.

Handstand offers a variety of benefits, some of which are listed below. Enjoy the pose!

Handstand Pose Benefits:

Strengthens The Arms

Strengthens The Shoulders

Decompresses The Spine

Reverses Blood Flow

Challenges Your Balance & Focus