Camel Pose

Camel Pose opens your heart and chest!

Camel Pose certainly seems to be one of the more popular backbend and chest opening postures. Visually the pose can be very beautiful and pleasing to the eye, but the posture is full of genuine benefits. Like mose backbend postures, Camel also offers several variations with different degrees of difficulty.

The major benefits of Camel Pose include opening the heart and chest along with strengthening the back. The pose also stretches the shoulders and helps tone the organs of the neck and abdomen. Naturally, Camel also helps with flexibility in the hips and aids with developing good posture.

Cobra Pose, Bow Pose and Hero Pose are all good prep postures for Camel.

It’s likely that beginner students may not be able to touch their feet with their hands in the beginning stages of practicing Camel. It may be a good idea to turn your toes under to raise your heels, or you could also use a block with each hand, place the block outside of each heel.

Major Tip: Remember, with backbends it’s critcal not to force your body into a position it’s not ready for, listen and feel for signs telling you to slow down.

Camel Pose Benefits:

Opens The Chest

Stretches The Hips

Stretches The Shoulders

Strengthens The Back

Tones The Neck and Addomen