Arm Balance Poses

Arm balances are both intimidating and fun.

It’s safe to say that most yoga arm balances aren’t best suited for many beginners. However, many yoga students find it difficult to resist them. The good news is that these postures come in a wide variety of styles and difficulty levels, so usually most yogis can find an arm balance that is within their reach.

Crow Pose is the arm balance of choice for many beginners. It’s typically the first arm balance attempt for many students. Like many yoga poses, it offers an easy and hard version. However, either version will require some strength and dedication.

Some arm balance postures are inversions as well, therefore allowing the yogi to receive all the health benefits of being upside down. Some of the most common arm balance poses would include Grasshopper Pose, Astavakrasana Pose, Firefly Pose, Forearm Stand, and of course Crow Pose.

Benefits Of Arm Balances

Arm balances offer both physical, spiritual and emotional benefits.

Physically speaking, these postures are wonderful for developing upper body and core strength. Plus, yoga arm balances are a great way to improve your balance and test your mental focus. Increasing your core strength will also help you improve your overall practice and make you less likely to develop back issues and injuries.

There’s also no doubt that practicing and conquering an arm balance will do wonders for your self-confidence and esteem. Because these poses require practice, dedication and time, yogis generally feel a strong sense satisfaction after attaining their goal.

It’s worth noting that arm balance poses should be approached with caution and it’s best to seek the aid of an instructor until you have become comfortable with these fun postures. Although fun, these poses can present the chance for injury, especially if attempted with improper alignment.