Yoga and Astrology

Yoga and astrology are the oldest knowledge systems developed by the human mind and they show up universally throughout all cultures. Yet it is in the Vedas, or the ancient wisdom of India, that yoga and astrology have enjoyed their most intimate and sophisticated association.

Both were practiced side by side by the ancient seers or rishis of India. To practice yoga without astrology or astrology without yoga was simply incomprehensible to the masters of Vedic thought. To be a great astrologer, one needed to be a good yogi and to progress along the path of yoga, one needed to be an astrologer.

Through astrology we understand the journey of the soul, what karmas it has endured in past lives and which karmas may be encountered in this life. Astrology not only reveals our karmic DNA, it provides the necessary insight to master our destiny and fulfill our greatest potential.

Through yoga we practice the techniques to master the mind, heal the body and live optimally within the cycles of time. Yoga is the technology to manage the change that time brings us and to develop our potentials to meet the challenges an incarnated soul must overcome to reach its ultimate destination of bliss, union and transcendence.

Astrology Yoga brings these two most revered Vedic sciences and teachings together, as they originally complemented each other, to guide us on our spiritual journey through the cosmic cycles of transformation.

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Yoga without astrology and astrology without yoga was unthinkable to the original teachers and practitioners of these scared sciences. And today, for modern students of yoga, it is time to understand the power and personalization that astrology can bring to you practice.