4 Things We Learned After Our First Yoga Class

4 Things We Likely Learned After Our First Yoga Class

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Chances are if you’re reading this, at some point you decided to take the plunge and try yoga!Next, you may have been filled with excitement at the thought of finally learning some of the “Secrets of The East”. After all, how could you not be pumped about you’re first time? Even though you may have read or heard a little about yoga, that first class would actually allow you to take part in some of the mystery! 

And what a wonderful surprise it was!

After tucking one class under your belt, here are 4 truths that generally become quite obvious from your first yoga experience!


“Yoga Is Much More Than Just Stretching”

We’ve all seen the crazy photos of yoga students bending themselves into positions that cause us to grimace in pain!

It’s no wonder so many us fall into the belief that yoga is just stretching, or it’s only for people who can contort themselves into a pretzel. Luckily, yoga is so much more.

After stepping on that mat for the first time, you discovered that yoga offers movement and lots of it, core strength, breathing, and being still enough to feel the earth beneath you!

So yes, yoga can help us touch our toes and maybe even put our feet behind our head, but it also offers an abundance of other qualities.

“And You Thought That You Were Well Conditioned”

Though we often consider ourselves in pretty good shape, yoga possesses its own unique set of movements, breathing, flexibility, strength, stillness, and meditation postures. We may call this being “Yoga Strong”, and it’s filled with its own challenges and rewards.

Becoming yoga strong in both body and mind is simply a joyous part of the yoga process, and no matter how fit we may consider ourselves, your first time on the mat will likely be an eye opener!

“Bring A Towel To Yoga Class”

Off we go to our first yoga class without a towel, but why would we ever need a towel?

Yoga is just sitting with our legs crossed and making funny noises, right?

Guess what? Wrong!

After an hour of slipping and sliding on your mat, wiping sweat from your eyes and probably creating the worst hair day ever, you realize why the flyer said to bring a towel. Yogis love to sweat!

In the beginning, you may race from class embarrassed by your sweat covered state and smelly condition, but soon you will learn to embrace it!

Either way, do yourself a favor and take a towel!

“We Learn What We Have Been Missing”

Perhaps the greatest thing we learn in our first yoga class is the simplest lesson of all.


We learn what we’ve been missing out on for so long!

Most of us are at least in some way greatly touched by yoga, some poses even move us to tears. It’s an amazing experience to discover something that stirs us inside, maybe yoga provides that for you. If it does, then cherish the day you found it!

Whether young or old at your time of enlightenment, it’s that first class that points us in a new direction, provides us with hope for a different way that for many is life altering, and simply shows us what we’ve been missing!