7 Stunning Photos of Yoga Inversions

7 Stunning Photos Of Yoga Inversions

Forearm Stand Pose


Drinie With A Beautiful Hollow Back Forearm Stand!Forearm Stand or Pincha Mayurasana are demanding and difficult arm balances. Drinie’s Forearm Stand above is made even more challenging with her addition of a backbend to the posture. Forearm Stand benefits include building shoulder, arm, and back strength. Like all inversions, Forearm Stand can also help improve blood circulation. Drinie is sporting yoga pants by Teeki.


Handstand Pose

Priscilla With A Lotus Handstand Pose!Priscilla’s beautiful Headstand is accented by her addition of holding a Lotus Posture with the legs. Headstand benefits include strengthening the shoulders, neck and is also known to improve digestion.


Kim Headstand Pose

Kim With Yoga Headstand Leopard Style!Kim Bilyk shows off her wild side with this Supported Headstand while wearing a fun leopard print! In the pose, Kim adds a little variation to the Headstand by adjusting her leg placement. There are many leg variations to this pose, most of which make balancing a little more of a challenge.


Ariadne Handstand Pose

Scorpion Handstand Pose With Ariadne!It’s no secret that Handstands are an advanced posture! Ariande makes it look easy with her scorpion style Handstand. Of course, adding the backbend to the posture makes the pose a tremendous challenge. Naturally, mastering handstands is essential before trying to add any variation to the pose.


Drinie Handstand

Drinie With A Strong Handstand Variation!Drinie’s Handstand variation above is simply amazing. The posture requires super core strength and much practice. There’s no name for this variation, so we’ll just call it “Astonishing”. Drinie is wearing yoga pants by Lululemon.


Kim's Headstand

Kim With A Traditional Headstand & Slight Leg Variation!Kim delivers a simple and traditional Headstand Pose this time with just a slight leg variation. Once again Kim goes with a Supported Headstand as opposed to Tripod style. Most consider Supported Headstand to be a bit more difficult because of it’s more narrow base. Kim is wearing pants by Alo Yoga.


Ariadne Lotus Headstand

Ariadne With A Lotus Headstand!This time Ariadne gives us a Headstand featuring legs in Lotus Pose position. This Headstand would be considered Tripod style, but she does add the additional challenge of balancing on her fingertips instead of flat palms.


Keep in mind that yoga inversions are advanced postures and should be practiced with caution. It’s always suggested to practice advanced postures with the help of a qualified instructor when first attempting these poses. However, inversions are beneficial in many ways and can add fun and confidence to your yoga practice. If you decide to try inversions, take it slow and practice safely with proper instruction.Browse Streaming Yoga Classes Yoga|Merge – Start Your Yoga Life