The Best Yoga Socks

Yes indeed! We absolutely love yoga socks!It’s no secret that yoga has exploded in popularity around the world in recent years, especially in the West. Naturally this commercial growth has lead to a counter explosion of yoga clothing and accessories. These items include yoga pants, yoga mats, yoga blocks, yoga towels and even yoga socks.

Fortunately, many of these yoga accessories and props can add value and safety to your yoga practice. For example, yoga blocks are a great way to protect yourself from injury when a pose isn’t quite accessible. The block acts as an extension of your hand to raise the floor to you.

Now, yoga socks may not be one of the most popular yoga aids. As a matter of fact, it’s likely that the next time you go to class, you won’t see a single person wearing socks. However, yoga socks absolutely offer benefits!

Look below to find out more about how a pair of yoga socks can add value to your practice, plus peek at some of the most popular yoga sock brands.

Yoga Socks Basics

So, you may be wondering what possible benefits socks could offer you during your next yoga class?Well, the most obvious answer is safety. Yoga socks excel at helping to eliminate slippage as your feet and mat become moist or wet with perspiration. Yogis who sweat a great deal are no strangers to wet feet and wet mats. Naturally, a wet mat could easily lead to losing balance, sliding and possibly an injury.

If you feel that a pair of yoga socks may help your practice, there are plenty of styles and a variety of brands.

Clearly, socks aren’t overly complicated. However, yoga socks do vary a little from a design and style standpoint. Most yoga socks are made from non-slip material or at least feature a non-slip padding on the bottom of the sock. You will find socks that cover the entire ankle, these are usually referred to as “anklets”. There are also socks that only reach to just below the ankle and these are sometimes called “allegro”.

The toes are also an important part of yoga sock design. Some socks will allow all the toes to be free, others will cover half of the toe and some will cover the entire toe. Some brands will even offer a separate toe compartment for each toe. Most yoga socks will cover the full heel, although there are some designs that allow the heel to be fully uncovered.

Of course, you will have to experiment to determine which sock style works best for you. Read below to find out more about some the most popular yoga sock brands and styles.

Yoga Sock Brands


Tucketts Yoga Socks

Tucketts Allegro and Anklet Yoga Socks:

Tucketts manufactures both an Anklet and Allegro style yoga or Pilates sock. As mentioned earlier, an “Anklet” sock covers the ankle and an “Allegro” sock leaves a bare ankle. Both Tuckett’s styles allow for uncovered toes and only the first two toes are separated which allows for better balance and grip. The Anklet sock is complete with an elastic trim for better ankle support and the top of each sock is open for better air flow. Most of Tuckett’s socks are made from recycled cotton, nylon, and spandex. You will also find a wide variety of colors and designs.

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Toesox Ballerina Yoga Socks

Toesox Bellarina Full-Toe Yoga Socks:

These socks from Toesox are ballet inspired and meant to be worn for either dance or yoga activities. This sock’s closed five toe design helps and allows the toes to spread naturally and move freely. Complete with a Mary Jane design, these socks fall just below the ankle and have a fitted heel to stop bunching and twists. They also have a cut out top design to help with breathability. The sock is primarily made from organic cotton or polyester, but also includes some spandex. Fortunately, this product is available in a wide variety of colors in both solid, prints, and knitted styles.

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Toesox Luna Half Toe Yoga Socks

Toesox Luna Half-Toe Yoga Socks:

This pair of socks from Toesox are also designed for use during yoga, Pilates and Barre. Naturally, the Luna Half-Toe design allows all five toes to touch the floor for more of a barefoot feeling. It’s also a five- toe sock allowing the toes to spread naturally for a solid foundation. There’s also a non-slip sole and top mesh panel for good breathing. An included arch band will provide gentle support and lift, plus a fitted heel will help keep the sock in perfect position. These yoga socks are made with organic cotton and polyester. Available colors only include black.

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Toesox Releve Half Toe Yoga Socks

Toesox Releve Half-Toe Yoga Socks:

Just like the previous socks from Toesox, these socks are ballet inspired with a Mary Jane design. This sock will fall just below the ankle and hopefully provide a near barefoot experience. A leather pad at the ball of the foot will provide strong traction, and the half-toe design will allow your toes to feel the floor. Plus, the five-toe compartments will allow for ample toe spread and stability. Fortunately, the included leather pad will also help with comfort and cushion. The socks are made with organic cotton and spandex, styles include solid and prints. These socks don’t provide arch support.

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Yoga Paws Socks

YogaPaws Elite Yoga Foot Socks:

These yoga socks from YogaPaws are created to provide excellent grip, support and comfort, even without a mat. The socks are toeless with an elastic heel strap for a more secure fit. Stretchy material along the top will provide flexibility for movement. A natural rubber sole will offer grip and security. The socks also come with a towel lining to help absorb moisture as you exercise. The YogaPaws logo is screen-printed on the side. These socks are offered in Black and Blue and are made from Lycra and Spandex. The bottom of the sock is 100% natural rubber. The socks don’t offer arch support.

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Tavi Chey Yoga Socks

Tavi Noir Chey Barre Grip Socks:

These Mary Jane style socks are designed for both yoga and Barre. They’re anklet socks which means they cover the ankles. The sock bottoms have triangle silicone grippers for a high-density grip. The sock toes are full toe. The socks also offer a fitted heel to keep the socks in perfect position and they’re made from organic cotton and nylon which creates a very breathable sock. It’s also worth noting that the silicone is BPA-free, and it won’t peel off. These socks are available in a range of colors and styles which include solids and knitted. They also come with an arch band for added support.

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Gaiam Yoga Socks

Gaiam Toeless Grippy Yoga Socks:

These yoga socks from Gaiam are anklet style socks with full ankle coverage. The sock bottoms are covered with silicone dots for a strong grip. The Gaiam logo also graces the sock bottom and back of the sock. These socks are toeless which allows the toes to spread naturally for better stability and balance. Materials used to produce the sock include cotton and spandex. The socks are available in black only. The Gaiam Toeless Grippy Socks don’t offer arch support.

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Well, there are a few of the many popular yoga sock brands and styles that you can take into consideration. Fortunately, most yoga socks won’t break the bank, so you should be able to experiment as much as needed so that you find the perfect fit for you!