Yoga Inspiration On Instagram

We all need a little inspiration!Let’s face it, getting motivated to exercise isn’t always easy. Even the most dedicated yogi can use a healthy dose of yoga inspiration in order to get off the couch and hit the mat.

Fortunately, in today’s world there are countless ways to find content that inspires us. There are amazing yoga photos spread across the internet and accessible on virtually any device. So, there’s really no excuse for not locating something that gets your blood flowing.

Instagram is especially rich with yogis and yoga instructors who share their daily yoga practice with anyone who decides to follow. You can find yogis of all levels with killer photos, videos and general yoga advice. Yoga has become so popular on Instagram that many yoga instructors earn a living as they create their story.

Below are just a few examples of Instagram yogis who can provide you a daily injection of powerful yoga inspiration.

Instagram Yoga Teachers

Sally Mustang (@sallymustang)

Sally Mustang is a self-proclaimed artist, yogi and regular wanderer.

Based in Australia, she shares her journey with a loyal following of 291K followers via Instagram. If you decide to come along with Sally, you’ll discover her colorful art and sensual side.

For some, Sally’s feed may be a little to risque. She’s not shy about sharing her sexual nature and spends a lot of her time nude. You may also discover her “Sex Is Art” content which contains erotic photos and stories created by Sally and her partner.

Sally also designs and produces yoga mats using her colorful artwork to create unique one of a kind Sally Mustang Yoga Mats.

Sally claims that she doesn’t wish to know what she’ll be doing in 5 years from now, so if you want to follow along and find out for yourself, follow @sallymustang and join the journey.

Chances are if you join @sallymustang, you’ll find not only yoga inspiration but some erotic inspiration as well.


Janice Liou (@janiceliou)

Janice Liou is an international yoga instructor based in New Jersey.

After discovering yoga in 2007, Janice quickly fell in love with both the physical and mental/emotional benefits of her practice. Janice now teaches around the world including retreats in Bali and Greece.

Fortunately, she also shares her yoga and life journey on Instagram with her 220k loyal followers. Her feed is filled with inspiring yoga photos and videos that would most likely fire up some yoga inspiration for most anyone!

Janice’s page is educational, funny, artful and simply beautiful. She’s creative with her posts and photos, but also down to earth and relatable.

If you want to practice with Janice, she offers online classes through her web site and on YouTube. Of course, you could also join her on one of her yoga retreats as well.

You can join Janice and follow her adventure on Instagram at @janiceliou.

Yoga By Candace (@yogabycandace)

Candace Moore is the founder of Yoga By Candace and it’s awesome!

Yoga By Candace has grown into a helpful blog that’s full of all things yoga including plenty of yoga education and daily life motivation.

Candace is based in the USA but leads yoga retreats around the world and has a very popular YouTube channel with a following of 235k fans. Of course, you can also follow Candace on Instagram for more of her journey.

You can also check out Candace’s best-selling book, “Namaslay” or subscribe to her yoga gift box, “Mantra Box”.

Follow Candace via @yogabycandace or join her on her blog!

Andrea From Austin (@andreafromaustin)

Andrea From Austin is the creation of Andrea Taylor.

As the name suggests, Andrea is based in Austin, Texas. Andrea discovered yoga not all that long ago but has quickly become an inspiration to many as she shares her practice and life through her Instagram page.

Andrea is a self-proclaimed cosmic dreamer, intuitive healer and movement enthusiast. Her Instagram feed is filled with creative and colorful photos that should bring to life inspiration for all yogis. You’ll also find videos that are both educational and fun.

You can follow along with Andrea’s 207k fans via @andreafromaustin

Naya Rappaport (@nayitavp)

Naya Rappaport is one cool yogi!

She grew up in the Dominican Republic, later she attended college in South Florida. During this time, she received a degree in photography and become fully dedicated to her yoga practice.

Naya also loves dance and she shares her love of both yoga and dance on her Instagram page with her 287k followers and fans.

You could say that Naya is a fashionable yogi, her feed shows off her fashion savvy with unique outfits and photography. You’ll find photos and videos of awesome yoga poses and dance videos. One of her latest videos is a short tribute to “Saturday Night Fever”, disco style!

If you’re ready to join Naya on her ride through life and get plenty of yoga inspiration, you can find her at @nayitavp.

Adell Bridges (@adellbridges)

Adell Bridges is modern day yoga nomad!

As a traveling yoga teacher, Adell doesn’t seem to have a home residence. Although, she does seem to spend ample time in London. However, she’s also found a home on Instagram with her 363k followers and friends.

Adell only began practicing yoga in 2015. Like many she started for the physical benefits but soon realized yoga was so much more. Her gymnastics background helps her amazing yoga practice, and you’ll see the strength of her practice and poses every day throughout her feed.

She also offers health coaching along with teaching yoga at workshops around the world including London, Cairo, and Milan.

You can jump in with Adell at @adellbridges

Drinie Aguilar (@drinieaguilar)

Drinie Aguilar is a Los Angeles based yoga instructor and life coach.

Originally from The Philippines, Drinie’s journey has also taken her around the world to countries like Singapore and Australia. At one point, she hosted sports TV shows seen by audiences in the Middle East and Australia.

Drinie is passionate about her love of yoga and sharing it through Instagram but also teaching studio classes. As a life coach, she also strives to help others reach their full potential in each aspect of their lives.

Capoeira, surfing, dancing and organic meals are also passions for Drinie, and you can find inspiration and advice in all those areas by following her story on Instagram.

Of course, Drinie will also offer up numerous photos and videos on her feed to create a little yoga inspiration to motivate your journey!

Follow Drinie’s story here @drinieaguilar


Well, there’s just a few of the many Instagram yoga teachers that might provide some inspiration!So, what are you waiting for, grab your phone and join the fun.Let us know if you find someone so awesome that you want us to help spread the word!