Unique Yoga Gift Ideas for the Yogi in Your Life

Like everyone else, yogis love gifts! Especially yoga gifts!Yoga has exploded in popularity and there’s no shortage of yoga products and services. Fortunately, this means that you should have no issues finding perfect yoga gifts for all the yogis on your list!Of course, it might still be difficult trying to choose, especially if you want to give a unique gift. It would be easy to just buy a yoga mat, but you may want to be a bit more creative.

Never fear! We’re here to toss a few ideas your way.

Take a look and hopefully you’ll find something that will make the yogi in your life happy!

Yoga Gift Ideas


Yoga Sak for Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat Bag:

It’s no secret that yoga mats have become awfully expensive!

So, a yoga mat bag might just be a great gift. This could be especially true if you know a yogi who puts their yoga mat through a daily beating. For example, it’s pretty safe to say that outdoor yogis tend to cause a little more wear and tear on their mats as they hike around their favorite spots.

Plus, a yoga mat bag will make it much more convenient to carry around a mat!

There are also plenty of bags that are equipped with pockets and compartments to hide and protect other items, such as a phone!

Like most other products, yoga mat bags vary greatly in price, but hopefully you can find one that will fit nicely onto your yoga gifts list!

Toesox Ballerina Yoga Socks


Yoga Socks:

Yoga socks may not come to mind right away as a gift!

However, it’s becoming more common to see yogis sporting a pair of yoga socks as they cruise through their flow class. Obviously, these socks help prevent students from slipping as much on their mat. As we all know, some yogis fight a great battle against perspiration.

Unfortunately, a bad slip during your practice could lead to injury, so it might not be a bad idea to give yoga socks a try!

If you’re considering socks as a gift, rest assured there are many styles, colors and brands to choose from, so you should be able to make your yogi happy.

Yoga socks may not seem typical when it comes to yoga gifts, but they might just do the trick!

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Yoga Gift Box:

A box full of yoga stuff sounds awesome!

Gift boxes have gained in popularity, so it’s no surprise that yoga themed gift boxes have filled a niche. There are a wide variety of companies offering monthly subscriptions to yoga boxes that will be delivered right to your door.

Since these services are subscription based, it truly will be the gift that gives all year, or for at least as long as your subscription is paid up!

Yoga gift boxes can offer a wide range of products including yoga products, skin care, health and lifestyle items, and much more. Some of the most common items include teas, oils, and bath bombs.

If you decide to add gift boxes to your list of yoga gifts, keep in mind that they’re subscription based and will require renewal at some point.

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Yoga Blocks:

Yoga blocks are a great gift for beginners!

Some students may foolishly dismiss the idea of using yoga blocks. However, these props can be an important asset to anyone’s practice. It’s critical for all yogis to focus on alignment and proper posture, yoga blocks can make it much easier to find proper form.

Being able to hold a pose properly can allow students to get bigger benefits and have a better chance of avoiding unwanted injuries. Basically, the blocks prevent yogis from having to strain or reach too far, in some cases they provide much needed support.

If you have a beginner yogi in your life, yoga blocks could make for a perfect gift!

Now, you’ll just have to convince them to use the blocks!

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CBD Oil for Yoga Pain



Although CBD is growing in popularity, you may still be wondering, what is it?Basically, CBD or Cannabidiol is a compound in cannabis plants or industrial hemp. It’s the part of cannabis that doesn’t make you high, it’s non-psychoactive.Many people have found CBD to be effective in treating pain, stress, and nausea. Today, CBD can be used in the form of drops, creams, bath bombs, and even gummies.

CBD has become very accepted and popular in the yogic community and many yoga influencers represent CBD brands and share their experiences with using CBD.

This may be considered a strange gift compared to other yoga gifts, and you would want to make sure that you’re gifting someone who is comfortable with the idea of CBD. It is important to remember that CBD isn’t weed or pot, but some still associate it in a negative manner.

If you want to learn more about CBD for yourself or as a possible gift, cbdMD offers many products and plenty of information.

Online Yoga Classes Platform


Streaming Yoga Subscription:

Have a yogi friend who isn’t thrilled about going to class?

Or, maybe you know someone who would love to try yoga but is a little shy about group classes or maybe they live in a smaller town without a yoga studio. If that’s the case, then streaming or online yoga classes could be a great gift idea.

There are many subscription-based streaming yoga web sites available, and most also offer the option of purchasing classes individually for download. Membership to these sites allow someone to practice from the comfort of home which has its advantages, such as not having to fight traffic and being able to practice on your schedule.

Plus, these sites give the yogi a chance to take classes from a wide range of instructors from around the globe!

Just like with gift boxes, these sites are usually subscription-based, so keep in mind if you’re gifting someone, you will need to pay for the membership in advance for the selected period of time.


Yoga Strap:

We just couldn’t leave this yoga prop off our yoga gifts list!

Yoga straps are excellent yoga props that can benefit a yogi’s practice in numerous ways. Much like blocks, straps can prevent the student from reaching too far and therefore make some postures more accessible. Basically, a strap acts as an extension of the arm and hand.

Straps are not expensive and can be found in a variety of styles and lengths. You may want to take special note of the different types of buckles. You should also make sure to get a longer strap if you’re buying for a taller yogi!

Yoga straps can be useful for both advanced students and beginners, so chances are they will be welcomed as a gift!

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