How Yoga Can Transform Your Sex Life

Yoga can do many amazing things, but can it boost your sex life?

As it turns out, yoga and sex pair up very nicely.

Yoga focuses on both body and mind. In its Eastern beginning, yoga was much more concerned with the mind and spiritual side than the physical. As we all know, sex is as much about the mind as the body and many would argue that the key to good sex lies within our mind and emotions. So, it’s hard not to make the connection between yoga and our sensual side. As a matter of fact, if you’re interested in the The 7 Chakras, the Sacral Chakra is directly tied to our libido.

The practice of yoga can offer a variety of benefits that might spice up your sex life both in the physical and mental realms. For example, yoga can improve your flexibility and we all know how that could benefit you between the sheets. Yoga, like many forms of exercise can improve our self-esteem, and perhaps best of all, many yoga poses can help fire up your sexual desires and some may even double as sex positions if you’re adventurous enough to give it a try.

Yoga and sex may not seem like the most obvious partners to some, but many have discovered that there’s a strong connection in more ways than one.



Well, this may be one of the more risque benefits that yoga can offer your sex life!

It’s no secret that yoga for many students can dramatically increase flexibility. This is true for both female and male yogis, so both partners can reap these benefits.

For some, added flexibility in the bed may be a bit too much, but there’s no doubting that for many others this could add new inspiration to their sex life. Let’s face it, it’s possible that missionary position might get a bit boring after a while, so the ability to try something that requires flexibility might just hit the sweet spot.

The good news it that just a little added flexibility might be enough, so you don’t need to be able to put your feet behind your head! Although, your partner may be excited if that’s possible!

So, the next time you’re practicing your flexibility in class, think about how it may prove to be an asset later that night!



Without self-esteem your shot at a good sex life is hampered.

Yoga, like many forms of exercise can improve self-esteem and confidence. As we witness our bodies changing, typically we start to feel better about ourselves. Some may find that they look better in certain clothes and feel much better about how they look without clothes.

Yoga will also build physical strength and stamina, both of which could lead to a better sex life. Your night might last a little longer.

Clearly yoga can’t make everyone look like a fitness or runway model, but that’s not important. What matters is that your practice of yoga might create a change to your body that improves the way you feel about yourself, and that might make you much more confident during those sensual moments with your partner.

Plus, chances are, your partner will notice these changes as well.


Calming The Mind

Controlling your mind is crucial to good sex.

Many consider the mental and spiritual aspect of yoga to be the most vital aspect of a practice. It’s no accident that only one of the 8 Limbs Of Yoga is dedicated to the physical aspects of yoga. In the East, the goal of yoga is to clear the mind and find bliss.

For example, meditation can teach us to slow the mind and work toward calm and bliss. In class, we can learn to focus the mind when holding poses so that we can hold the posture a little longer, even when our body may be telling us to leave the pose.

If yoga can teach you to clear or clam the mind and stay in the present, this talent can be applied to your sex life. Truly being the moment with your partner during sex without a wandering mind should improve the experience in dramatic fashion.

For some, being distracted during sex may not be a problem. However, even they may find that a truly focused mind may lead to even better sex. A focused mind may also help the guys last longer and avoid pre-mature ejaculation which can throw cold water your night.

Clearing the mind isn’t easy, it will require much practice. But this aspect of yoga can certainly be applied to your sex life!


Poses & The Sacral Chakra

Yoga poses themselves can aid your sex life and libido. Using certain postures might be the easiest and most entertaining way to combine yoga and sex. However, some postures work better than others!

Poses connected to the 2nd Chakra or Sacral Chakra will help the most with firing up your sexual energy. Many believe that the Sacral Chakra is a wheel of energy located below the navel and above the pubic bone. Poses that can increase blood flow into this pelvic region are thought to enhance the libido or sexual desires.

Below are a few of the postures that will increase blood flow or strengthen the muscles in the pelvic region. Fortunately, some of these postures can also double as sex positions if you’re willing to give them a try!


Yoga Poses

Cat/Cow Pose:

These poses are typically practiced in conjunction with one another and are effective at flexing the spine and back. When the poses are connected, they create sort of a pelvic flow as the spine bows and bends. This pelvic movement can increase blood flow and awareness in the pelvic region. For some this pelvic attention may help create a sexy mood.

Since these poses are performed on all fours, they could also double as positions during sex or your partner may appreciate watching Cat or Cow Pose in the nude as foreplay.


Bridge Pose:

Bridge Pose is considered by most to be a beginner level backbend. However, this pose can be much more exciting. When holding this posture, you can tone and strengthen the muscles in the pelvic region. Plus, during the pose, those muscles are being squeezed, therefore making this pose very similar to other exercises that are meant to give attention to the vagina.

Sometimes you will see this pose practiced with the added motion of slowly lifting the pelvis up and then back down to the ground. This of course creates a pelvic motion and draws attention to the region which could help fire up the libido.

Because of the positioning, this posture could also be a playful and creative sex position as it raises the vagina higher, perhaps enhancing access. Some women have claimed to find better pleasure while in Bridge Pose.


Plow Pose:

Some may say this posture is perfectly named to double as a sex position!

Traditionally, Plow Pose is a backbend and mild inversion. However, the positioning of this pose could create some excitement and creativity during sex. One of the better advantages of this position is that it provides a great view of the action to the partner in Plow Pose.

In the book, “The Coregasm”, author Debby Herbenick writes that Plow Pose can lead to deeper penetration. Obviously, for some this could allow for a higher level of passion and pleasure.

It’s worth noting that Plow Pose isn’t a good idea as a pose or sex position if you’re experiencing a back or neck injury.


Seated Wide Legged Forward Fold:

This is another yoga pose that will help increase your flexibility!

Fortunately, this posture will also increase blood circulation into the pelvic region which in turn could help generate a sexy mood. For the kinky minded, the act of legs spread wide alone could put them in the mood to explore their sensual side.

The standing version of this pose, Standing Wide-Legged Forward Fold offers many of the same benefits but could also double as a sex position to boot!

The Female Form

As a final thought, it’s worth mentioning that yoga is certainly a means of accentuating the female form. Many yoga poses thrive at displaying the beauty of the female body, including bodies of all shapes and types. To be fair, many may also find the same to be true for the male form as well.

Either way, simply bringing some yoga poses into the bedroom may be enough to light a fire for your partner, especially if you lose the yoga pants along the way!

So, if you’re feeling adventurous, it might be time to allow your love of yoga and sex to become one!