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Sally Mustang Yoga Mats are as unique as their creator!We’re always on the lookout for yoga mats to feature in our videos, so I was thrilled to discover Sally Mustang. One day while surfing around Pinterest, an image of a Sally Mustang mat leaped off the page. The mat’s artwork and colors were attention grabbing, so I wanted to know more.After a few clicks, I landed on Sally’s web site. It became obvious very quickly that there is more to Sally than just yoga mats, but more on Sally later! As for the mats, they’re clearly unique, just like their artistic creator!After reaching out, a Sally Mustang representative named Conrad happily responded back! A few emails later, a new Sally Mustang Yoga Mat was on its way from Australia!


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Sally Mustang Yoga Mat

The mat we received is called “Garden Under The Sea”, it’s pictured above.It’s safe to say that the first thing I noticed about the mat was the vibrant colors. The mat really is beautiful and artful. Honestly, I feel a little bad about getting it dirty, maybe I will just frame it!I must also point out that the mat had no funky new smell.Sally’s yoga mats are printed with a microfiber surface. The microfiber surface gives the mat a very suede like feel, it’s very soft to the touch. Microfiber mats are known for being excellent choices for yogis who sweat, as the microfiber will gain grip as it gathers moisture. The Sally Mustang site suggests that you can spritz the mat with water to increase grip and that grip will increase with use.Microfiber has been around since the 1950’s and is used for many products including clothing, cleaning cloths and even under garments. Of course, it’s known for it’s softness. If the slick microfiber feel of this mat worries you, just follow Sally’s instructions and the mat will gain grip for you. On the other hand, if you’re a restorative yoga lover, the soft feel of this mat should work nicely right away!The mat is 68 inches in length and 25 inches in width, so it’s large enough for most yogis. The mat base is constructed from natural recycled rubber. Natural rubber is environmentally friendly and contains no harmful chemicals like PVC, TPE, EVA and NBR. Rubber is also durable and not likely to tear easily.The Sally Mustang site also points out that the mat is both machine and hand washable with a mild detergent and on a gentle wash cycle. The mat should be completely dry before rolling it up and kept out of direct sun light for long periods of time.Feel free to watch the review video below!

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About Sally


Sally Mustang Yoga

Sally Mustang describes herself as an artist, yogi, influencer and regular wanderer. She teaches yoga, creates art, travels the world and sprinkles some color into our lives through her art and yoga mats. She is quoted as saying “I just want to teach people how to be happy. I want to remind people to fall in love with the world. I’m essentially an adventurer and I’m passionate about being creative. I want to leave some color in this world and I want to stay multi – faceted, I don’t want to know the answer to the question: What will I be doing in 5 years’ time?”.If you visit Sally’s site, you will find much more than yoga mats. It’s hard not to notice Sally’s amazing and colorful artwork and loose yourself in some of her insightful blog posts.Sally’s artwork includes numerous colorful pieces, such as “Music Of The Sea”, “True Colors”, and “Questions”. You can view and purchase the art on her site.Sally and her fellow artist and partner Mitch Gobel are based in Australia. You can also follow them via Instagram (@sallymustang). Sally’s Instagram page is full of unique images and provides an intimate peek into their lives. Together, Sally and Mitch have a following of 302k fans.


Sex Is Art


Sally Mustang Yoga - Sex is Art

You will also discover that Sally is a sensual being. If you’re curious, you can view an intimate portion of her site called “Sex Is Art”. This part of the site opens the doorway to some of Sally’s sensual thoughts and desires, including erotic stories and images.Sally’s “Sex Is Art” may be prove too racy for some, but it may also prove to be inspiring for others.
We’re thrilled to have stumbled across Sally Mustang Yoga Mats, and even more excited to have the chance to explore her story.