Yoga Strap

  Ahhh yes! We love our yoga props!Especially our favorite yoga strap, right!Well, the truth is that many of us have a love/hate relationship with using yoga props of any kind. Many stubborn students view props as a crutch and … Read More

Aurorae Yoga Mat Sak Bag

The Best Yoga Mat Bags

If you’re looking for your first yoga mat bag, we have some suggestions!Chances are if you’re an active yogi, you have experienced the frustration of lugging around your yoga mat as it keeps trying to unroll. This can especially create … Read More

The Best Yoga Socks

Yes indeed! We absolutely love yoga socks!It’s no secret that yoga has exploded in popularity around the world in recent years, especially in the West. Naturally this commercial growth has lead to a counter explosion of yoga clothing and accessories. … Read More

Yogi Tea Benefits

Yogi Tea

Yogi Tea is a health-promoting beverage and a tonic for the whole body. It strengthens the nervous system, energizes the body, clears the mind, and is both a remedy and preventive measure for colds, allergies, and other illnesses. Yogi Tea … Read More