Crescent Pose

Crescent Pose

Anjaneyasana or Crescent Pose will test your balance, strength and ability to focus! Crescent Pose is one of many standing yoga poses that you’re likely to practice in almost any standard flow style yoga class. This pose is closely related … Read More

Firefly Pose

Firefly Pose or Tittibhasana Pose is an advanced arm balance, it’s also referred to as Insect Pose. Before practicing Firefly it’s a good idea to be comfortable with easier arm balance postures. The pose can be held in a variety … Read More

Half Forward Fold Pose

Half Forward Fold could be described as a Baby Forward Fold! Many may not consider Half Forward Fold as a stand alone yoga pose. This pose is most commonly practiced as part of the Sun Salutation sequence when your instructor … Read More

Standing Forward Bend Pose

A Standing Forward Bend is simple, yet very effective! Standing Forward Bends are just one example of the many yoga forward bends and folds. This posture is simple compared to many yoga poses, but it certainly offers benefits. The pose … Read More

Wide Legged Forward Fold

Get ready to go wide and improve your flexibility!Naturally, this posture is classified as a forward bend or fold, but it’s also a nice hip opener as well! It’s a Level 1 or beginner pose, but there are numerous levels … Read More

Astavakrasana Pose

Astavakrasana is an arm balance sure to teach patience and offer challenge! Most yoga students find arm balances to be difficult postures to conquer within their practice. Astavakrasana is no exception, the posture requires both flexibility and strength in the … Read More

Half Moon Pose

Love it or hate it, Half Moon Pose or Ardha Chandrasana is an awesome pose!Let’s face it, Half Moon Pose is a challenge. It’s likely that you have experienced the many frustrations that accompany this posture. You’ve also probably noticed … Read More

Yogic Sleep Pose

Yoganidrasana or Yogic Sleep Pose looks strange and painful! This pose would likely scare away many students from the thought of practicing yoga. Of course, yoga is about much more than flexibility, but Yoganidrasana is a pose that requires the … Read More

Wild Thing Pose

Wild Thing or Camatkarasana is a fun pose with a fun name! After all, how could a yoga pose called Wild Thing not be a total good time. This pose is both a backbend and a heart opener so it … Read More

Visvamitrasana Pose

Visvamitrasana or Visvamitra’s Pose is beautiful but offers challenge! Some may consider this pose scary and gorgeous all at the same time, either way, this pose would never fall into the beginner category. Visvamitrasana is named after an aggressive King … Read More