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7 Fun Acroyoga Photos

Yoga Posture - Forearm Stand

There's nothing better than yoga with a friend, right!

If you agree, then a little Acroyoga might just be the thing you would love!

Here are 7 fun and hopefully inspiring Acroyoga photos!

Tandem Yoga Photo

Acroyoga is basically a blending of yoga, acrobatics, and even dance.

There are now many Acroyoga schools around the country and world today, the original school was in Montreal.

Tandem Yoga Photo

Some Acroyoga poses can get quite complex and present more danger than normal yoga postures.

Trust between partners is crucial within an Acroyoga practice.

Tandem Yoga Photo

The word "Acro" is derived from the Greek word "Akros" which means High, the Sanskirt word "Yoga" meaning Union combines with Acro to give us AcroYoga or High Union.

Tandem Yoga Photo

Many Acroyoga students love the physical connection developed with their partner as opposed to the normal solo style practice of yoga.

Acroyoga between some partners can become a very intimate practice.

Tandem Yoga Photo

A third aspect of Acroyoga is known as the healing arts, which cultivates the physical connection, compassion and listening.

So, the three parts of Acroyoga are the basic practice of yoga, the practice of acrobatics, and the healing arts.

Tandem Yoga Photo

If you wish to learn much more about Acroyoga and find out about the acro communities in your area, you can visit a variety of sites with all the info!

Visit AcroYoga International to get started.

Keep in mind that acroyoga can be dangerous, especially if you decide to try the harder acrobatic postures. Many of the poses on this page are simple versions of acroyoga, so they may be a great place to start your practice. It's also critical to select a partner who you trust!

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