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7 Beautiful & Inspiring Yoga Backbends

Yoga Posture - Wheel Pose Variation

Paige Rene rocks a bodysuit with a stunning Wheel Variation!

Wheel Pose or Urdhva Dhanurasana is a challenging posture with several gorgeous variations. In the photo above, Paige's bodysuit and form make this Wheel variation pop off the screen!

Yoga Posture - Wheel Pose

Nikka goes deep!

For many the above photo must seem impossible! However, Nikka's advanced practice and love of backbends allows her to go deeper in Wheel Pose than most of us dare. Please use caution if you plan to follow in Nikka's footsteps!

Yoga Posture - Scorpion Pose

Okay, okay! This one isn't really yoga!

This backbend is so impressive we just had to include it! It's actually a move performed in Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art that combines dance and acrobatics. Flexibility and strength at their finest!

Yoga Posture - Camel Pose

Simple and beautiful Camel Pose in jeans!

Camel Pose may not be as difficult as many other backbends, but it's hard to find another pose with such beauty. Nikka adds a nice touch by sporting some casual jeans.

Yoga Posture - Kapotasana Pose

Inspiring & eye popping Kapotasana Pose!

Paige strikes again with another stunning posture in a bodysuit! This time Paige blows us away with a difficult Kapotasana Pose. Perfect your Camel Pose before moving on to Kapotasana!

Yoga Posture - Bow Pose

Sensational tear drop Bow Pose!

Another pose that may make many of us cringe with pain! A very deep Bow Pose should be practiced with extreme caution. Yes, it's beautiful. However, it will not be for everyone!

Yoga Posture - Tandem Yoga Poses

Two backbends are always better than one!

In this cool photo, Nikka Nadia and Allie Rick team up for a little tandem fun! Nikka knocks out a Kapotasana Pose while Allie jumps in with a bit of a Camel variation. Yoga with a friend! Why not!

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